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Also did some faux stained glass on acrylic pieces for my friend’s game store in Dallas

Butterfly and turtle

I wanna make miniatures!!
( well. my mastery of the english language has never been great. I AM making miniatures. they’re not great right now… here’s hoping some time and effort will turn them into wonderous paintable geek jewelry. )

Because there’s some people that like turning these maps, into these boards.

So my local hobby store was out of Steel Sqwire area of effect spell templates, and really for the price, they’re a little ridiculous for some wire.

So I went to the local art store and had a look around. I found some armature wire for about 6$ and shaped them myself. they’re not perfect, but they came out pretty well.

I also got the Dungeons & Dragons essentials – Dungeon Tiles Master Set : The Wilderness to use in my Kingmaker home game. First thoughts: I love it. The box itself is one giant dungeon tile, as well as coming with a bunch of tiles. Its great, I can’t wait to use it =)

So I heard yesterday was Zelda’s anniversary. I decided to take the opportunity and put some swag up on ebay for zelda fans, namely the stained glass window I made.

Zelda Stained Glass Window

Zelda window

so, i wore this for halloween. i just didn’t look nearly as good in it

Knight Templar Realnessi

As an update, i began coloring in the zelda window. its pretty much done. i’m just deciding what little edits i need to make to it. and planning my next window.

so around aids walk, I had promised some friends coasters as thanks for donating. I’m just now getting around to it. here’s the first four , a zelda themed batch for an old friend.

So I finally got around to cataloging some of my old drawings, just so i have some record of them for myself. And since I have Flickr, i decided to put most of them up on my account. You can see a sampling of them here. They’re the tame ones that i’ve set the filter on low for. To see the rest of the 140 some-odd drawings, you’ll have to log in to Flickr and turn your safe image settings down a bit. They are Male Erotic Nudes, so don’t be surprised if you see some penis.